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Avoiding Foreclosure

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For good reason, the word ‘foreclosure’ strikes terror into the heart of a homeowner with a mortgage. If you have missed two payments (sometimes just one…), you will receive a notice in the mail. DO NOT IGNORE THIS NOTICE! Absolutely the worst thing you can do is hide your head in the sand. And doing that can easily lead to your declaring bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is NOT something you should want to do.

Today’s mortgage environment is a legal mess. Perhaps you have in fact missed some payments, and perhaps you will miss more in the future. But don’t lose heart. If you act quickly enough, you might still save your home. The operative word is ACT. You must call on competent legal advice to stand with you through this process. By ‘competent legal advice’, I mean a lawyer who practices Foreclosure Defense. You do not want to hire your nephew, the divorce lawyer. Even if money is tight, find a way, and do it NOW.

In addition, please fill out the form on this page. We will provide you with an e-booklet written by a foreclosure defense attorney on foreclosures in Florida. In addition, we may well be able to provide you with better options than bankruptcy.

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